Asset Tracking (Non-Motorized)

Track your non-motorized assets with Ascent Solutions and better manage your assets. Our solution, termed NOMATS, will give you visibility over your assets by letting you know its location at any particular time. You will also get live updates on the movement of your assets as it moves in and out of a predetermined area.

This solution’s use is not limited by scale and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Airports for example have implemented it to track ground service equipment like pallet dollies. It can also be used to track rail assets and cash-in-transit carry bags. Alternatively, this solution can be used in hospitals for the tracking of hospital equipment and also in warehouses for the tracking of goods, stocks, weapons and equipment.

You can also easily create an electronic audit trial of your asset’s movement history since asset data is reported through a user friendly event log. Our built-in interactive map display can further help you visualize the location of your assets.


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