Chain of Custody Tracking

Global supply chains often involve multiple logistic parties. The parties involved are varied and can range from the shippers at the ports to the consignees in the shopping mall. In such situations, tracking your assets as it moves from party to party is crucial in helping you increase security, visibility and accountability. Ascent Solutions will equip you with such valuable information by giving you updates on the custodian currently in possession of your cargo alongside your assets’ location and security status through this solution.

This solution have been used for securing of cash and valuables, last mile delivery, motorbike delivery and bonded cargo tracking for customs.

This solution will further allow you to choose your preferred custodians and restrict access to those authorized individuals only. Alerts will then be sent out when your cargo is sighted with someone who is not a designated custodian.

You will also receive alerts when the U*LOCK® electronic seal securing your cargo has been tampered with. The increased security removes the need to check the cargo as it changes hands. This improves accuracy and prevents unnecessary delays. The increased efficiency that result will thus help you maximize truck utilization and reduce congestion while reducing your carbon footprint.

You can also easily create an electronic audit trial of your asset’s movement history since asset data is reported through a user friendly event log. Our built-in interactive map display will further help you visualize the location of your assets.


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