Company Profile

Ascent Solutions is a Singapore-based IoT company that specialises in cargo security and track & trace for smart logistics. We have deep domain knowledge in technologies such as NB-IoT, Satcom, GPRS, Active and Passive RFID. Through harnessing the power of each, Ascent is able to provide innovative solutions to clients with supply chain and logistics issues related to security tracking.

Ascent Solutions has a global network with presence in Africa, Middle East, Latin America, China and ASEAN. Our public sector clients include the tax authorities in Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand and Indonesia as well as the Singapore Ministry of Defence. Our private sector clients range from SMEs to large global companies that wish to secure valuable assets and goods on the move. Working with our partners from around the world, this client base is rapidly increasing as the need for smart logistics grows.

Ascent Solutions can offer solutions for secure cargo tracking, consignment stock management, chain of custody control, non-motorised asset tracking and human tracking to its clients.

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