Personnel Tracking System

Better manage your workforce and improve productivity with Ascent Solutions. This solution will help you manage your work staff by profiling your key personnel and tracking their movement across your work-site. You will also be able to review your workflow processes with the data that we provide. Such data includes each personnel’s dwell time at each location and the continuity of your staff through shift changes. Alerts can also be provided whenever a personnel leaves their designated post or enters unauthorized areas.

This solution’s use is not limited by scale and can be used both indoors and outdoors. To illustrate, it can be used to track security officers on patrol, hospital staff in emergency rooms and many more.

You can also easily create an electronic audit trial of your personnel’s’ movement history since data collected is reported through a user friendly event log. Our built-in interactive map display can further help you visualize the location of each personnel.

A vector illustration of an inside look of a business office

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