Integrated Security Portal” for Electronic Cargo Tracking and Fleet Management

iSPOT is a well trusted patented solution perfect for ensuring the security and visibility of containers, trucks and other assets in transit at all times. In high risk environments where cargo is prone to pilferage and theft, our solution is capable of empowering our clients to receive real-time alerts when cargo is tampered.

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it becomes increasingly vital for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solutions to increase security and efficiency in their logistics operations. By partnering Ascent, this becomes easy to implement due to our deep domain knowledge in this area.

Our solution also caters for fleet management for those clients looking for one single set of hardware and software to achieve both cargo and fleet security.

Our iSPOT solution was awarded a certificate of merit by the WCO for supporting the Coordinated Border Management initiative by Thai customs. In addition, iSPOT is the preferred solution for electronic cargo tracking in Kenya, and Tanzania where Customs have accredited a few solutions for shippers to select.

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Electronic Cargo Tracking


for electronic cargo tracking

The iScout is a standalone GPS tracking device that can give immediate asset visibility and security status to clients. This device is built to military spec and can withstand tough conditions on long journeys.

The adjustable live fibre core wire is able to lock many types of doors or valves making the iScout flexible in its application. Any tamper of the device or cut on this wire will set off an instant alarm alerting clients of the situation. In the event the truck and cargo deviate from a pre-set route or exit a geo-zone without authorisation, an alert will be sent to the client.

The iScout requires no installation and is a plug and play device that is intelligently managed by Ascent’s iSPOT platform. On one single charge, the device can last up to 3 months depending on its settings allowing clients to secure cargo for cross border and long journeys.

Real Time Cargo Security

In Vehicle Management

unit for fleet management

The IVM is able to give clients full view of how their fleet is being utilised to obtain maximum efficiency. Rich reports can be generated by our iSPOT platform while using the IVM that detail fuel usage, distance travelled, ignition and more.

Our IVM can be paired with our electronic cargo tracking devices such as the iSensor.

Fleet Security Tracking


The iSensor is the lighter version of the iScout and is not a standalone device. It is able to achieve electronic cargo tracking when paired with the iScout or the IVM.

The iSensor is ideal for explosive and hazardous cargo as it has been certified intrinsically safe. Bulk liquid tankers transporting fuels and explosive chemicals can be safely tracked using this device. Each valve can be secured with the iSensor allowing the platform to report the exact valve that was tampered.

It requires no installation and is also built to military spec like the iScout. Any tamper on the wire or device will set off an alert for action giving clients peace of mind.

Cargo Device Tracking


The iSPOT platform has vessel monitoring capabilities for the tracking and monitoring of offshore commercial and private vessels. In a climate of disputed territories in the sea and over fishing, a vessel monitoring system is useful for authorities and clients to know the location of vessels.

Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro range of satellite communication technology provides an effective backend communication channel when out at sea.

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) using IDP 800. It is a fully programmable satellite communications device that has an independent power source. It can also be powered by non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries, or vessel power.

The IDP 800 is ideal for tracking unpowered equipment in both land and maritime applications requiring more data and quicker message delivery. It has a remote satellite antenna for discreet installation in a vessel.

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Cargo Tracking Satellite