“The missing C in the Quick is in the Count” for Inventory Control & Consignment Stock Tracking”

QuikCount® using passive RFID promises to reduce man power and human error costs to businesses when it comes to inventory control and consignment stock tracking.

Traditionally, these tasks have been time consuming due to the need to scan individual bar codes or manually count stock. With QuikCount®, clients will be able to count entire pallets or groups of stock affixed with our passive RFID label just with a single sweep of our RFID gun which is linked to the QuikCount® mobile app. Specific work flow can be built in to suit the unique requirements of each client in automating such processes.

QuikCount® can also give you visibility of consignment stock in malls at various locations allowing businesses to re-stock and plan better.

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QuikCount™ using PASTA™ & PASTA(M)™ enables clients to track wet items and also to detect humidity and moisture.

PASTA™ overcomes traditional passive RFID’s problems with tracking wet products. Applications for traceability and safety in the consumer and pharmaceutical industries are ideal for PASTA.

PASTA(M)™ enables clients to tell whether a product has come into contact with moisture to an accurate degree. For items meant to stay dry in the consumer and pharmaceutical industry, PASTA(M)™ would be ideal.

Assorted Passive RFID

Ascent also offers clients a wide range of passive RFID stickers and seals for various applications. They come in metal, silicon, PCP, sticker and more.