Transhipment Cargo Tracking

Secure trade routes for transhipment cargo by using Ascent Solutions to lock and track your cargo. With our iSCOUT and iSENSOR electronic seals that sends out alerts in real time when tampered, you will be able to manage your cargo better and prevent theft and pilferage. Secured monitoring of cargo will also reduce the need for manual processes and increase accountability. This reduces unnecessary delays at check point and other man-power heavy processes that are prone to error and mismanagement. This will allow you to put in place a more efficient deployment of resources and help you ensure that goods reach landlocked countries safer and faster.

Our solution has been used to secure valuable cargo like high value perishables, luxury goods, machinery and vehicles, arms and military equipment, hazardous materials and bulk liquid tankers.

This solution has also been used in bonded areas such as dry ports, warehouses and transhipment area where efforts need to be taken to ensure that the goods going in are not stolen or tampered with since such goods have not been cleared for sale. It has also be used in Special Economic Zones and Industrial Development Zones where imports that are subject to tax rebates and waivers going into and between these zones have to be secured to ensure the system is not abused.

This solution works even when there is no network coverage available. This is because the location and status of your assets is automatically stored on the applicable devices. Once GSM network is present, the data collected will be automatically forwarded to the platform.

This solution will also help you increase security and accountability along routes through geofences where you can detect entry or exit into pre-defined areas. They can be further used to mark out your preferred routes for the movement of your cargo.

You can also easily create an electronic audit trial of your cargo’s movement history since cargo data is reported through a user friendly event log. Our built-in interactive map display will further help you visualize the location of your cargo.


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