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We are a Singaporean company that specialises in industrial IoT track-and-trace solutions for the global industrial community. We strive to innovate our technologies to deliver dependable smart solutions, fostering trust and adding value to your business across logistics, collateral management, maritime, fleet management, retail, infrastructure and more.

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Headquartered in Singapore with presence in over 23 countries across 5 continents, trust is the cornerstone of our shared commitment to success

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Smart Solutions 

Supply Chain
Collateral Management

Smart Telematics 

Optimise your fleet operations with data-driven decisions

Experience a compelling combination of improved fuel consumption and efficiency, comprehensive knowledge of your in-transit assets, seamless interoperability with other systems through ready APIs, and uninterrupted fleet visibility with M2M connectivity. 
Supply Chain

Smart Supply Chain 

The highest level of security tracking for bonded, transit and hazardous cargo

Minimise tax revenue leakage and ease congestion at checkpoints and ports with accelerated clearance through trade green lanes. Our solutions effectively deter pilferage, tampering, and theft while decreasing the need for armed escorts, promoting a more secure and efficient supply chain.

Smart Infrastructure 

Digitalising the infrastructure space

Enhance safety with predictive maintenance for lifts, reducing downtime and costs from breakdowns. Boost efficiency and security at airports using Biometric E-Gates, resulting in an improved visitor experience through shorter clearance times and minimised congestion. Experience the benefits of a smarter, safer, and more efficient infrastructure.


Smart Retail 

Don't lose visibility over your inventory outside of the warehouse

Transform your retail operations with RFID technology, enabling rapid inventory management without the hassle of barcode scanning. Effortlessly monitor and track consignment stocks from release to receipt, ensuring precise accounting outside the warehouse. Leverage valuable data and insights to make informed decisions and optimise your retail business.

Collateral Management

Smart Collateral Management 

Mercurius: An industry-leading supply chain control tower, designed to address pain points in the supply chain. 

Ascent’s smart collateral management solutions provide users with visibility and transparency across the entire supply chain. 
Through the full suite of Mercurius, we aim to address pain points within the supply chain, especially for the commodity and trade financing ecosystem 

From Creation to Application

Navigating the terrain of industry innovation, our smart solutions effortlessly blend acumen and agility for peak efficiency

See It In Action

FMS for Vehicle Leasing

The rising gig economy in Singapore has led to the expansion of many private hire industries. This rapid growth promises tantalising opportunities for car leasing companies - but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

iSPOT® for Tanker Tracking

Ascent’s iSPOT® has always been in the forefront of bringing ground-breaking solutions for our government clients in the oil and gas industry.

Asset Tracking for Pallet Dollies

While pallet dollies and ULDs are essential, non-motorized heavyweights in the airport ecosystem, their lack of a power source creates a tracking conundrum. However, this challenge is only the beginning of a much more captivating journey in asset management.

E-Gate For Airport

The relentless march of technology opens a new frontier of digitalisation for immigration offices.

Tracked, Traced, Trusted

As a certified provider adhering to rigorous security standards and best business practices, we safeguard your data while delivering reliable, transparent track-and-trace solutions to enhance your operations

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