Company Profile

Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd (Ascent) is a Singapore headquartered IoT solutions company that focuses on providing end to end solutions to the global supply chain logistics community for their track and trace needs.

Mission Statement

To work with our global community of partners and clients to create practical track and trace solutions that solve supply chain logistics problems related to the tracking of cargo, assets and fleet.

Vision Statement

An IoT driven supply chain logistics world where the physical meets the digital.

Company History

Ascent was founded in 2010 by a team that brought with them decades of defense related technology expertise and knowledge about supply chain logistics. They believed that a gap existed whereby the technology they were working on had greater applications to the world at large and not just for defense.

Their combined know how and passion for entrepreneurship has allowed Ascent to identify market gaps in exciting markets and capitalize on them through innovation. This brought Ascent success in developing markets in East Africa, West Africa, Middle East and South East Asia through our pioneering bonded and transit cargo tracking programs as early as 2011.

Ascent has continued on this journey of problem solving through innovation which has allowed us to grow horizontally into new industries through new solution offerings that touch on non-motorized fleet management tracking, security tracking, asset tracking, inventory tracking and smart city applications. Our ability to provide secure end to end solutions that cater to commercial and industrial requirements allows us to create value for customers and partners alike.

With our in house software, engineering and professional service teams, we offer our global community the support and control over their technology deployments that they need. We specialize in track and trace solutions through the use of cutting edge IoT technologies such as GPS, Satellite, M2M Roaming Data, RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy and custom sensor builds.

Since our founding in 2010, Ascent has grown exponentially with both our core local team and overseas supporting teams consistently striving to deliver quality hardware, platforms and services to our global community.


2010, National Infocom Award

Winner of National Infocom Awards (NIA) for the Most Innovative; an idea leading to the development of iSPOT today

2010, National Infocom Award

2010, Ascent Incorporated

2010, Ascent Incorporated

2011, Borderless Hub Incorporated

Borderless Hub , a fully owned subsidiary of Ascent specialising in VOIP and M2M connectivity solutions is incorporated

2011, Borderless Hub Incorporated

2015, World Customs Awards

Thailand’s Director General of Thailand Customs presents Ascent an award for exceptional service excellence rendered to the international customs community for the Customs Coordinated Border Initiative on behalf of the World Customs Organisation.

2015, World Customs Awards

2016, Endorsed by Prime Minister on National Day Rally

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong mentions Ascent in the 2016 National Day Rally speech.

2016, Endorsed by Prime Minister on National Day Rally

2016, Ascent Solutions Secures Capital Investments from Heliconia

2016, Ascent Solutions Secures Capital Investments from Heliconia

2017, Winner of Spirit of Enterprise Awards

Ascent is nominated and wins the Spirit of Enterprise award.

2017, Winner of Spirit of Enterprise Awards

2018, iTrust Trading incorporated

2018 iTrust, an Ascent company specialising in Blockchain and IoT solutions for trade financing is incorporated

2018, iTrust Trading incorporated

Our Management Team

Mr. Lim Chee Kean

Chief Executive Officer

CK is the founder of Ascent and plays a crucial role in driving the growth and strategy of the company. His primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company and ensuring that corporate and investor relations are optimised.

CK is a passionate entrepreneur and finds purpose in seeking new challenges that will change the market place. He is able to see opportunities where people see risk which has allowed him to think boldly about the future and venture into markets as far as Africa from day 1. He believes in doing business the right way and is committed to working with partners and clients in the global community to build sustainable businesses. He values his people and remains committed to creating a company that cultivates innovation, teamwork and transparency. CK has been a central driver of innovation at Ascent and has allowed the company to constantly grow to meet the challenges of tomorrow. He has guided the company from being a GPS tracking company into a true IoT company that also has capabilities in Blockchain.

His professional achievements include having founded a technology startup company called AceFusion which specialised in multimodal supply chain solutions that achieved a successful sale in less than 2 years of operation. CK later went on to become the President of Savi Technology Asia (Savi), a Lockheed Martin company, for 11 years before his exit and founding of Ascent. His division under Savi undertook extensive R&D and productisation of GPS & RFID technologies that had both commercial and military applications. His extensive professional career allowed him to build deep domain knowledge in solutions that benefit the supply chain logistics community. As a serial entrepreneur, CK had been involved in 4 successful M&As.

CK is passionate about Singapore and also serves as the Chairman of the Singapore Smart Nation IoT Technical Committee. Outside of the workplace, CK has a love for adventure and physical activities such as hiking, diving, marathons, and golf.

Mr. Chew Kia Boon

Director of Technology

Kia Boon is the Head of Technology for Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd, an Electronic Cargo Tracking Solutions company, and a fully owned subsidiary Borderless Hub Pte Ltd, a Unified Communications company. In Ascent, he has successfully led his team to design, manufacture and implement the iSPOT® ECTS and IOT solutions which is being used in both Asia and East Africa. He has vast consulting experience in wireless solutions such as RFID, wireless LAN, GSM/GPRS and Satellites.

Prior to his current appointment, Kia Boon led a Solutions Consulting team responsible for Savi Networks’ regional sales and implementations. As Solutions Consulting Manager, Kia Boon was charged with planning, managing and implementing Smart and Secure Tradelanes (SST) in logistics operators’ warehouses and many of the world’s largest port authorities and container operators.

Kia Boon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) with honors from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Mr Gregory Lee

Director of Products

Greg is a co-founder of Ascent and responsible for the products, solutions and strategy of the company. Greg was responsible for charting the direction of Borderless Hub, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascent, as a pioneer in the Unified Communication Service Provider landscape in 2011 and lead a transition into being one of the first M2M Service Providers in 2017 in Singapore. 

With a balanced blend of business and technical skills, Greg is a highly resourceful strategic thinker with strong vision, business acumen and domain knowledge to quickly identify market issues, emerging and changing trends to propose innovative solutions to drive business requirements, positioning and value propositions. He enjoys the challenges of solving business problems and is resourceful in sourcing products to create synergy for new innovations and has an established track record in successfully conceptualizing new products and solutions and establishing strategic partners.

His professional achievements include having founded an Internet content design and digital marketing company, Information Laboratories, and has developed one of the first websites in Singapore for the Parliament House in 1995. Greg has held roles of Software Development Manager, Director of Product Management, and Solution Consulting with various US MNCs including EXE Technologies, a leader in Warehouse Management Systems, Savi Technology Inc, a Lockheed Martin company and BEA Systems which was later acquired by Oracle. He was responsible for the initial business development and solution consulting for Electronic Cargo Tracking solutions in East Africa. 

Greg loves reading up on science, technology and history. He also enjoys traveling and skiing.

Ms. Audrey Wong

Director of Finance

Audrey heads up Ascent’s finance department and provides critical oversight and  management over the company’s financial health. She lays the foundation for Ascent’s financial strategy and accounting so that the company can reach its goals.

Audrey is a seasoned finance and accounting professional with over 20 years of experience in both an MNC and SME setting. She constantly strives to improve and focus on how the company can operate more effectively to achieve impactful results. Her commitment to finding the best outcome in complex situations has made her able navigate through both the easy and tough times in her corporate career. Through it all, she remains passionate in her approach and takes care to ensure that her team feels valued.

Her professional achievements include having been part of a core team that successfully executed 2 major M&A deals. She also played a critical role in merging a local Singaporean entity with an American based MNC that employs over 100,000 people globally. Audrey has also been a key driver in successfully raising SGD 15 million in fund raising and investment exercises in her previous company.

When Audrey is not at work, she enjoys swimming and travelling the world.

Mr. Daniel Chan

Director of Professional Services

Daniel leads the Professional Services Department in Ascent Solutions, which includes the Project Management Team, Field Technical Services Team, Data Analytics Team and the Ascent Global Support Centre. Through these teams, he ensures the delivery of Ascent’s products and solutions to its customers in a holistic and timely manner. He is passionate about leveraging technology to deliver quality services to clients to satisfy their needs.

Daniel is concurrently the Data Protection Officer of the company.

Prior to joining Ascent Solutions, he had over 12 years of experience in leading and providing consultancy services on protective security solutions such as operational security, information security, physical security and information management for the Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). He has also had experience in negotiating strategic international security arrangements with foreign partners.
Daniel holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (Management & Marketing) from the National University of Singapore.
When he is not at work, Daniel loves a good golf game and tennis. He is also loves looking out for new IoT technologies,  playing the guitar and music production. 

Mr. Huang Yihang

Director of Corporate Strategy

Yihang leads corporate strategy in Ascent, with the primary objective of scaling the company. In addition, he runs trade finance operations for iTrust Trading, Ascent’s subsidiary.

Yihang is a creative thinker and an entrepreneur at heart. He believes that the future of tomorrow lies in the innovation of technology today. Yihang is always one step ahead of the curve and enjoys exploring the possibilities that new trends present to business. His constant focus on driving new exciting business has allowed Ascent to transform into a trade finance platform provider through blockchain and IoT technologies.

Yihang joined Ascent in 2016 and was previously running Ascent’s business development for APAC. He helped start iTrust, Ascent’s trade finance platform, and launched iTrust with CIMB Bank in 2019. Prior to this, Yihang has undertaken business development roles in Enterprise Singapore for the transport and logistics sector. Before that, he managed engineering maintenance in PSA Singapore.

When Yihang is not at work, he enjoys nature and reading.

Ms. Debbie Lin

Director of Business Development

Debbie leads business development initiatives in Ascent. She is responsible for long term value creation activities through partnerships and strategic vertical development in local and international markets for the Ascent products and solutions.

Debbie strives to create authentic relationships based on mutual trust in the partner and client community that drive the achievement of new and exciting projects, revenue models and solutions that can be brought to market. Her primary focus is to position Ascent in international markets where its impactful technology solutions can drive efficiency and growth in local economies. She enjoys working in the developing markets and doing business with people from diverse backgrounds.

Debbie both grew up, studied and worked in South Africa. She was responsible for business development on behalf of Enterprise Singapore Group (ESG). She assisted Singapore companies in doing business in Southern Africa through extensive market research and networking in high growth and strategic industries that were of value to the Singapore business community. 

Building on this, Debbie has helped Ascent build new networks into West Africa and Latin America where Ascent has enjoyed strategic key wins. In addition, she has brought Ascent into new industries such as specialised pharmaceutical logistics and hazardous cargo tracking. 

When she is not at work, she enjoys animal rescue and the great outdoors. She is an avid diver and loves to travel.

Mr. Darick Gay

Director of Sales

Darick leads the sales team in Ascent. He is responsible for driving sustainable revenue generation through implementing aggressive sales strategies within the business. He provides valuable leadership to the sales team and engages our global partners to drive company goals.

Darick enjoys building strong relationships with clients and partners alike. He takes pride in being able to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction in order to build long term value within our global community. He believes in building cohesive teams that work together to achieve sales targets through open communication and quality service.

He brings with him many years of experience working for Cisco Malaysia, Sun Microsystem Malaysia (Oracle Malaysia) and Veritas Malaysia (Symantec Malaysia). His professional achievements include securing a key account with Singtel to manage 100% of Singtel’s Maritime VoIP for fixed Satellite telecommunications. In addition, he has successfully supported Borderless Hub, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascent, to become an established player in the Unified Communication Service Provider landscape in Singapore. Furthermore, he has been central in driving Ascent’s M2M business which powers key solutions in the Smart Telematics space.

When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid film lover.

Mr. Jeremy Tan

Director of Unified Communications

Jeremy leads Unified Communications Department in Ascent. He is responsible for integrating various synchronous and real-time communications tools

He possess passion in articulating complex solution design as well as equipped with the strategy for integrating interconnected systems of enterprise communication devices and applications thus ensuring the best mix of technology to address any specific business needs.

Jeremy brings with him years of experience working from various industries where one of his recent professional achievement was establishing a regional APAC service delivery & support team for an Global enterprise company which leads to an acquisition. Through it all, he has always been a firm believer the key to team’s success is always the people

When Jeremy is not at work, he’s an audiophile enthusiast engaging in refining sound acoustics as well as a true blue movie buff.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is able to help businesses understand how their drivers and fleet are performing in relation to good or bad driving behaviours. It is able to capture parameters such as :

  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden deceleration

The iSPOT® FMS is able to provide a driver behaviour dashboard that provides driver ranking, overview of where events were captured and provide the ability to add penalties or rewards to encourage good driving behaviour. By actively addressing these behaviours through real data, businesses can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and fuel as bad driving behaviours often lead to an increase in both.