How You Can Take Advantage of IoT Connectivity

26.05.23 08:26 AM By Daniel

Imagine a construction site buzzing with activity, a sprawling tunnel network that requires constant monitoring, or a bustling office or hospital building with multiple floors and areas. In these diverse environments, reliable and seamless connectivity is essential for efficient operations, safety, and productivity. But what if there was a connectivity solution that goes beyond Wi-Fi, providing unprecedented capabilities for these settings? ATLAS® Link is Ascent’s answer in transforming the way buildings are connected and managed through Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh technology. 

What is ATLAS Link

ATLAS Link is a massive, wireless Internet of Things (IoT) mesh connectivity network that enables devices to communicate with each other seamlessly, without the need for traditional infrastructure. It utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Mesh technology, a low-power, short-range wireless communication protocol that is perfect for a wide range of building applications.

Understanding BLE Mesh

BLE Mesh is an enhanced version of the popular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard, version 4.0 or higher. Having several advantages over the conventional BLE, BLE Mesh is a wireless communication technology that is commonly used in IoT devices due to its low energy consumption, long battery life, self-healing properties and ability to transmit data over short distances. BLE Mesh is ideal for building environments where battery-powered devices need to communicate reliably in challenging conditions, such as tunnels or areas with signal interference. This enables devices to communicate efficiently and effectively, opening up new possibilities for building management and operations.

ATLAS® Link in the field 

ATLAS Link's IoT connectivity is transforming various building environments and here are some exciting use cases that capitalises on this technology. 

Asset Tracking: ATLAS® Link enables real-time location tracking of assets and personnel in large buildings, construction sites, or tunnels, allowing for improved inventory management, enhanced security, and increased operational efficiency.

Environmental Monitoring: ATLAS® Link's sensor nodes can collect data on temperature, humidity, air quality, and other environmental parameters, providing valuable insights for building managers to optimise energy consumption and react to unexpected weather change.

Crowd Monitoring: ATLAS® Link, in combination with asset tags, can enable real-time tracking of people entering a premise such as a concert, expo, or event. This allows for enhanced security and safety measures, efficient crowd management, and personalised experiences for high-profile visitors.

Remote Control: ATLAS® Link allows for remote control of devices such as lighting, HVAC systems, and other building systems, providing convenient and efficient management of building operations, especially in large or complex environments.

ATLAS® Link's IoT connectivity powered by BLE Mesh technology is opening up new horizons for building management and operations. Its wireless, self-healing, and scalable network offers unprecedented capabilities for construction sites, tunnels, office buildings, hospitals, and more. With its ability to enable asset tracking, environmental monitoring, access control, and remote control, ATLAS® Link is transforming the way buildings are connected and managed, paving the way for a more efficient, secure, and most importantly, trusted, future.

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