Everything You Should Know About ATLAS Link

18.02.23 04:17 AM By Daniel
Making your building smart does not seem impractical or unattainable anymore. Consider this: It doesn’t matter if the building or site you own is a factory, warehouse, hospital, school, shopping mall or construction site. You don’t need to set up any infrastructure (mechanical & electrical works) to construct your network. You don’t require skilled or professionally trained personnel to help install your devices or maintain your network. If you want to increase the capacity and reach of your network, all you need to do is to add more devices.

As simple as that, and you can gather all the important data that you need for decision-making – GPS location data of your assets or personnel, environmental data such as temperature & humidity, air quality of your rooms and even the energy consumption of your entire building. Monitoring and managing your buildings/sites can be done effortlessly in the comfort of your office. The key to this? ATLAS Link.

What is ATLAS Link?

ATLAS Link is a massive and scalable Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity network. It uses technology similar to a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh to operate, where all the IoT devices can “speak” to each other in this network.

How does it work?

Data collected by the hardware devices, such as asset tags and sensors, will be transmitted via the ATLAS Link network to the nearest gateway. The gateway will then send the data to the ATLAS Link middleware platform, which can integrate with any third-party application. (Think sensory neurons “nodes” sending signals to the brain “middleware”.)

If you prefer a visual guide, watch this:

What are the key features?

  • No Mechanical & Engineering Works Needed
    With the use of our enhanced BLE mesh technology, you will never be deterred by infrastructure or technology challenges when deploying your network. All nodes and devices are fully battery-operated and will last an estimated lifetime of 5 years — this means more cost savings!
  • Extremely Smart and Independent
    ATLAS Link is a smart adaptive network that only uses intelligent nodes. If one node fails, or if the network is unstable between two nodes, the node automatically connects with nearby nodes to chart the next best route, ensuring guaranteed data transmission.
  • Easily Scalable
    If you need to scale up your network, simply add new nodes or gateways to the system. Your network will manage itself autonomously and the newly added devices will automatically connect to the other devices. Quick and easy.

Where can ATLAS Link be installed in?

  • Warehouses 
    Warehouses are vital for many industries, such as the logistics, food and retail industries. With the increasing volume of activities happening daily coupled with technological advances, it is no surprise that many warehouses automate and digitalise their processes to remain efficient. Common examples include the use of autonomous forklifts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and drones.

    Thanks to mesh technology, ATLAS Link can help track the movement of such equipment effortlessly. Hundreds of AGVs can operate alongside other smart devices across the warehouse safely and efficiently.

  • Buildings 
    With more companies and governments realising the merits of smart buildings, the number of smart buildings worldwide is expected to proliferate. There are a number of things a smart building can do, such as remotely controlling the building’s ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security systems.

    With ATLAS Link, you can do all these things in one single network, even if your building is a skyscraper. ATLAS Link’s scalability makes it easy for you to ensure your network covers the entire building.

  • Construction sites
    Construction sites are an ever-changing environment, with many objects moving around, making it challenging to track your workers, equipment inventory and even manage your project timelines. Further, laying out the cabling works to build a network infrastructure that is compatible with certain network systems is a costly venture.

    However, with ATLAS Link, you can simply deploy your sensors, asset tags and IoT devices around the site, and a network will be formed. Leverage valuable data to help you optimise your operations to meet your project deadlines!

  • Hospitals
    As seen from the covid-19 pandemic, hospitals and healthcare workers (HCWs) have stood strong for their respective communities, and they play a vital role in our society to keep communities healthy. But more often than not, a medical personnel’s time is not well-utilised for the right tasks. Many HCWs find themselves taking hours to search for important medical equipment due to the large hospital buildings. This has inadvertently cause the loss in valuable patient time.

    ATLAS Link helps HCWs to look for what they need in the swiftest manner. We can look forward to improved efficiencies, more meaningful patient time and a less disruptive working environment for the staff and patients.
  • Almost anywhere!
    You name it, we can do it. The versatility and simplicity of ATLAS Link makes it so easy to be installed almost anywhere. Contact us today to find out more.
Jaelyn Chui   July 12, 2022   4:21 pm