Making More Out of Data

05.04.23 05:41 AM By Daniel
While we fall increasingly reliant on smart products to help us remind and automate various functions within our organisation, the quality of data plays a key role in unraveling a new front of information for more strategic decision making within the organisation. 

iSPOT® Fleet Management System (iSPOT® FMS) is a powerful marriage of software and hardware by Ascent Solutions that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help manage, monitor and optimise the performance of vehicle fleets. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, iSPOT® FMS has proven to be an essential tool for organisations looking to streamline their fleet operations, increase efficiency and reduce costs. With ESG rising in popularity, having trackable data through an FMS solution would be a good first step for organisations to work their way towards a bigger goal. 

Our smart telematics solutions have helped companies address tracking, security and connectivity concerns, which were past challenges due to technological limitations. Through iSPOT® FMS, live location tracking of vehicles is a breeze as it is accessible through web and mobile. With historical data captured within the system, process improvement and project management teams have recognised the importance of this data to help further improve operation flows. 

These are some of the many highly integrated features of iSPOT® FMS that any company can expect from us. That said, the data obtained through our solution’s hardware can be reorientated through algorithmic add-ons to achieve better outcomes in these domains: delivery pre-planning, vehicle service and maintenance, and safety overviews of delivery drivers.

 Details of Over-limit Speeding, granting in-depth look at driver’s behaviour

Delivery Pre-Planning
Load planning and route assignment are essential, especially in last-mile deliveries involving multiple stops. With the Logistics Module, fleet operators can engage in effective load planning, and assigning pick-ups/drop-offs, making more room for efficient resource planning ahead of time. These data are all present through a friendly interface, making data present itself for complex decision-making. Also available as a mobile app, the app helps convey and present all crucial information to the driver and even has a chat function – to facilitate quicker conversations between drivers and HQ to save precious communication time. 

Streamlining Service and Maintenance Schedules
Staying on top of all your delivery vehicles’ maintenance and service schedules can be challenging, especially if they are in the hundreds, if not thousands. More so, neglected vehicles for maintenance/servicing can be a safety hazard to the driver and potentially cause delays in deliveries. The Maintenance Module can help companies keep track of upcoming, in-progress and completed services through a quick configuration of each vehicle. Down to tracking of individual spare parts for fleet maintenance, our Maintenance Module enables a detailed view on all fleet’s needs, servicing intervals and cost. In addition, information such as the validity of driver’s permits and documents are captured and tracked through the Maintenance Module, displaying all the information the companies need to stay ahead. 

Safety Overviews of Delivery Drivers
Safety and longevity of every company’s fleet drivers are the heart and soul of any logistics company. Their safety and whereabouts are crucial, and this is where the Workforce Module facilitates this requirement. With just an app download, the iSPOT® Workforce, live location of each offsite personnel are fed to the system. Of course, off-duty personnel can opt to switch this off for privacy reasons. As for companies looking to improve their delivery operations further, drivers’ behaviours are also trackable through the Driver Behaviour Module. 

By empowering organisations with the ability to understand driving behaviours and identify factors like harsh braking, acceleration, speeding, and idling that contribute to higher fuel consumption, thus helping organisations make strategic moves to optimise efficiency and even enhance safety.
With the saying goes, what can be measured, can be managed. We strive to make data visualisation on all our solutions as intuitive as possible, making full use of the data captured through a highly integrated software and hardware system. 

Find out more about iSPOT® FMS and add-on modules at our Smart Telematics solution page