Staying Accountable and Safe in the Construction Industry

18.02.23 09:40 AM By Daniel
The construction industry remains to be one of the most dangerous places for workers around the world. Whether high-rise or underground projects, the safety and whereabouts of workers are predominantly reliant on safety briefings and training, but it can be better. 

ATLAS Link is a smart and resilient wireless mesh network that supports sending and collecting data over a wide area through a collective set of IoT devices to form a network. This setup is sound in construction settings where connectivity and power source infrastructure are typically unavailable or unreliable. ATLAS Link consists of three main components: nodes/locators, asset tags, and a gateway

Nodes/locators are self-powered devices that collect and transmit information from the asset tags. These nodes are planted throughout the construction site or underground tunnel to form a mesh network. Powered by individual batteries, the nodes are independent of any power source. 

Asset tags are light and small in design. They can be inserted underneath the safety helmets without disrupting the wearer’s comfort. The asset tags emit data and get picked up by the nearest nodes/locators within the zone. Apart from asset tags, environment sensors can also be placed across the site to capture information, such as temperature, to manage day-to-day operations better. 

The nodes send these data to a gateway where information transmits to a middleware. Ascent’s middleware is compatible with 3rd party applications, allowing companies to utilise collected data, displaying information according to their operational needs. 

It can be tricky for construction companies to watch over their workers, materials and assets in a risky and dynamic setting. With ATLAS Link, workers’ whereabouts are immediately notified should they have ventured into restricted zones, or, unauthorised movements of materials can be triggered or notified in real-time. While it is always challenging to constantly keep track of scenarios as such, this is how ATLAS Link comes into the picture to facilitate accountability. 

The capability of asset tracking complements any established safety program and protocols. The added advantage of having more information can help shave precious time in locating people or assets in case of miscommunication or, worse, catastrophe. With little to no downtime and learning curve, ATLAS Link provides an innovative solution that demands no additional training on the construction workers’ part but an added layer of supervision and safety. Where potential hazards loom continuously at construction sites or any challenging grounds, through data, ATLAS Link empowers companies to manage their assets better, entailing a reduction in unforeseen costs. 

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Tee Wern Goh   January 17, 2023   1:24 pm