Experience seamless integration with Ascent's OEM Telematics - an innovation marrying intelligent software and sophisticated hardware, nestled in the core of your vehicles. 

iSPOT® OEM Telematics

In a rapidly advancing world, connectivity isn't a luxury - it's the new standard. 

Understanding iSPOT® OEM Telematics

Our OEM Telematics process begins with data collection from vehicles and assets, which is uploaded to an OEM cloud. Ascent's data platform standardises and integrates the data into our iSPOT® FMS platform, offering fleet owners quick, informed decisions

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Precision Telematics Data from Source  

With factory-fitted sensors directly integrated into your vehiclesiSPOT® OEM Telematics unveils a level of data accuracy that can unlock greater depth of insights.


Possibilities Beyond Expectations

Unlock a world of possibilities with our iSPOT® OEM Telematics. Reading and interacting with your fleet telematics through CANBUS and applying cutting edge analytics, creating a spectrum of value-added services, transforming how you perceive and manage your fleet.


Value for Time and Money

Forget about the cost of additional hardware installations and maintenance. With no downtime for installation, iSPOT® OEM Telematics is a comprehensive, built-in solution that delivers significant cost savings without compromising on quality or functionality.

Unlocking Value with iSPOT® OEM Telematics

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Fleet Owners

Reduced cost 

Fast deployment and time to market

Enhanced analytics

OEM Manufacturers

Market expansion opportunities

Increased R&D opportunities

Enhanced after-sales service support

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What is OEM Telematics?

OEM Telematics is a real-time data collection system related to vehicle status and performance that is embedded in the vehicle by the manufacturer. Vehicle manufacturers equip their vehicles with factory-embedded telematics hardware, allowing integration with aftermarket software providers like Ascent Solutions. This integration simplifies access to fleet management analytics and valuable business insights.

What is Aftermarket Telematics?

Aftermarket telematics is a telematics solution installed by vehicle owners primarily for purposes such as vehicle tracking, fuel monitoring, and driver monitoring. It is OEM-agnostic, meaning it can be connected to a mix of vehicle types, fleet sizes, makes, and models. However, it has certain challenges. Installation can be time-consuming, incurring additional costs, and it may tamper with your vehicle, potentially leading to false reporting or lapses in insurance coverage.

What are the advantages of OEM Telematics?

The benefits of using OEM telematics include effortless activation with no need for vehicle tracker hardware installation. It ensures minimal vehicle fleet downtime during activation, grants access to valuable proprietary OEM vehicle data, and provides highly accurate data for calculating carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

[For Fleet Owner] What data do you have access to, and how is my privacy protected?

Your privacy is top priority to us. We exclusively access data from CANBUS for the sole purpose of enhancing our services for our values customers. Rest assured, sensitive information, such as personal identification, is not within our purview, as it holds on relevance to the OEM's core value proposition. Furthermore, GPS tracking will only be initiated upon specific request by the end-user customer, ensuring maximum data security. 

[For Fleet Owner] What if I have a mixed fleet?

We can provide hardware solutions for other make and model. Mixed with OEM telematics, all our data are piped into a standardised iSPOT® reporting format, enabling you to obtain both OEM and OEM-agnostic fleet data! 

[For Fleet Manufacturer] What if my vehicle doesn't have a factory-fitted GPS Tracker or CAN BUS device?

No worries at all! If you're seeking an economical GPS Tracker or CAN BUS device to install in your vehicle, we're more than willing to collaborate with you on this.

[For Fleet Manufacturer] What if we don't have a factory-fitted M2M SIM for data connectivity?

Don't fret! If you require M2M SIMs for seamless data connectivity with your IoT devices, we're eager to collaborate with you to fulfill your needs.

[For Fleet Manufacturer] What if we already have factory-fitted GPS Trackers & CANBUS devices in our vehicles or machines?

Fantastic! Share the price you're currently paying to your existing supplier, and we'll strive to provide you with a more competitive offer!

[For Fleet Manufacturer] What if we already have factory-fitted M2M SIMs for Data Connectivity?

Great news! Just inform us about the price you're currently paying with your current vendor for data connectivity, and we'll endeavour to offer you a more cost-effective solution!

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