Lift Monitoring

With Ascent’s Lift Monitoring System, it can predict maintenance requirements and impending failures efficiently. It helps to save manpower costs as human technicians no longer have to conduct unnecessary lift  checks.

Lift Monitoring Predictive Device


Real time data capture and upload via MQTT

Record lift trips

Detect floor mis-levelling

Record trip ride quality

Anomaly detection

Monitor lift vital statistics


The Lift Monitoring Predictive Device (LMPD) acts as the first line of defence against lift/elevator failures caused by poor maintenance. The LMPD is a non-intrusive device that does not void the warranty of a lift/elevator when installed. It only requires power and can begin monitoring the lift/elevator almost immediately after it establishes the baseline conditions. With its ability to detect speed, vibration, current and other data points using multiple custom built sensors, the LMPD is able to process and flag out anomalies in real time to the relevant authorities/persons responsible. This allows for predictive maintenance to occur to prevent lift/elevator breakdowns before they happen. In addition, the LMPD is also compatible with Bluetooth sensors and can enable many smart city applications such robotic delivery services, public asset detection and safety services for children and the elderly.


The Lift Monitoring Predictive Device has a basic monitoring platform that allows users to access a dashboard that provides an overview of the lift/elevator behaviour. Users are able to view anomalies in behaviour for further investigation.

More complex requirements will be subject to further discussion and customisation.

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