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Connecting Cargo, Creating Trust​

Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd (Ascent) is a Singapore headquartered industrial IoT solutions company that focuses on providing end to end solutions to the global supply chain & logistics, infrastructure, trade finance verticals and more.

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The IoT specialist in end to end track and trace solutions for the global industrial community.

Present in over Countries

Over Trips Tracked Annually

Smart Telematics

Optimise your fleet operations with data-driven decisions.

Improve your fuel consumption and efficiency.

Know what’s going on with your in- transit assets.

 Supports interoperability with other systems via ready APIs

Never lose sight of your fleet with M2M connectivity.

Smart Supply Chain

The highest level of security tracking for bonded, transit and hazardous cargo.

Reduced tax revenue leakage

Reduce congestions at checkpoints and ports with trade green lanes that facilitate faster clearance.

Deter and reduce pilferage, tampering and theft.

Lower reliance on armed escorts

Smart Infrastructure

Digitalising the infrastructure space

Prevents accidents through predictive maintenance for lifts.

Reduces lift downtime and costs incurred from breakdowns.

Increases efficiency and security at airports with Biometric E-Gates.

Improved visitor experience as a result of shorter clearance time and reduced congestions.

Smart Retail

Don’t lose visibility over your inventory outside
of the warehouse.

No more tedious scanning of bar codes. Count your inventory quickly with RFID.

 Monitors and tracks consignment stocks from the point-of-release to point-of-receive.

Accurate and quick accounting of consignment stocks outside the warehouse.

Obtain valuable data and insights to support your decision making.

Smart Collateral Management

Creating trust and transparency among stakeholders
in commodity trade financing.

Real time independent view of cargo in the warehouse powered by AI and Computer Vision.

Ensures traceability and supports provenance claims through blockchain and IoT.

Mitigates fraud risks for lenders and financiers.

Optimise supply chain operations with insights from data and data analytics.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is able to help businesses understand how their drivers and fleet are performing in relation to good or bad driving behaviours. It is able to capture parameters such as :

  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden deceleration

The iSPOT® FMS is able to provide a driver behaviour dashboard that provides driver ranking, overview of where events were captured and provide the ability to add penalties or rewards to encourage good driving behaviour. By actively addressing these behaviours through real data, businesses can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and fuel as bad driving behaviours often lead to an increase in both.