Smart Collateral Management

Ascent’s smart collateral management solutions provide users with visibility and transparency across the entire supply chain. 
Through the full suite of Mercurius, we aim to address pain points within the supply chain, especially for the commodity and trade financing ecosystem 


Truth Aligned, Creating Trust

An industry-leading supply chain control tower, designed to address pain points in the supply chain. 


IoT Pallet & 

Weight Management


Digital Twin Warehouse


Commodity Inventory Management System (CIMS)


IoT Pallet & Weight Management

Scalable cargo profiling, ensuring authenticity

Traditional cargo weighing methods in warehouses are manual and ridden with human errors. When discrepancy in weights occur, it is often challenging for cargo owners to find out the root cause. IoT Pallet & Weight Management module of Mercurius addresses these challenges through a three-pronged approach.

Each ID Profile, Unique

Pallets are tagged with a unique ID, allowing users to track cargo weights of each pallet as they move through the supply chain. 

Digital Weight Capture

Cargo weights are digitally captured and transcribed into the app allowing zero room of human error.

Sanity checks

Weight discrepancies for each pallet are highlighted to on-ground personnels and relevant stakeholders for timely intervention. 

Minimise errors and cost within your warehouse today
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Digital Twin Warehouse

Navigate through your cargo in the warehouse without leaving your seat

Lenders have historically relied on collateral managers to safeguard their cargo, but persistent fraud issues have led to losses for lenders and cargo owners alike. The core challenge lies in verifying whether the cargo is real and whether they stay in the warehouse, without relying on human operators. Mercurius' Digital Twin Warehouse module is a solution that directly addresses this problem by leveraging the Digital Twins concept, which creates virtual replicas mirroring real-world conditions and processes. These digital twins allow users to visualize and verify their cargo in the warehouse, using two of our smartest technologies.

Vision Camera

Cameras installed at ceilings of warehouses, covering all the important corners, including blind spots, carefully tracking every movement of cargo and personnels within the warehouse

Mercurius Video Analytic Engine

Our proprietary video engine intelligently takes footages from the camera and apply proprietary positioning and depth-sensing algorithms, creating a 3D360 digital twin footprint

From Scene to Screen

Every movement can be replayed on the Digital Twin, 
and backed by curated camera footages. 

Start, Stop, Alert!

Validate financed collateral pre- and post– financing easily, significantly reducing fraud risks. If the underlying collateral for any warehouse receipt leaves the designated storage location, our solution will alert the user immediately for intervention. 

Dashboard: For You, For Everyone

DTW's rich feature accommodates both warehouse operators and financiers in achieving their goals the fastest way possible – through a intuitive dashboard, showing only what matters to you, depending which side of the fence you sit on. 

Set your cargo up for success with Digital Twin Warehouse
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Commodity Inventory Management System

Facilitate information exchange and transparency across all parties

Gone are the days scouring though multiple spreadsheets and chat messages to stay updated on your inventory's statusSave time and avoid miscommunication through CIMS – a platform designed by the best commodity experts in the industry, aimed to increase collaboration and efficiency by eliminating the confusion and limitations of traditional workflow.

One Platform for All Users
Transparency with One Glance

Obtain reports and the most updated information about your stock, contract, trade finance, shipping and pallet statuses all under one unified, multi-tenancy platform.  

Cargo Info, On The Go

Visualize and verify inventory in your supply chain with our integrated Digital Twin when you make supply chain decisions

Experience the next generation of supply chain control tower
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