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Consignment Stock Counting
Stock In Sight, Insight In Stock

Managing consignment inventory can be a complex maze for businesses in the retail sphere. The lack of real-time information on sales, inventory, and performance metrics can lead to operational challenges and accounting discrepancies.

Enter QuikCount® – our solution that injects transparency and efficiency into your inventory management. By serializing each inventory item and pairing it with intelligent mobile and web applications, QuikCount® bridges the gap between your warehouse and consignment stock counters.

QuikCount® isn't just about inventory tracking; it's a comprehensive suite that generates crucial business intelligence. Whether for accounting, reconciliation, planning, or audit purposes, QuikCount® delivers the insights you need to streamline operations. Plus, through the digitisation of your business processes, QuikCount® unlocks access to advanced data analytics, revealing trends and insights that fuel strategic decision-making. With QuikCount®, inventory clarity leads to business prosperity.

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 QuikCount® RFID Reader, your key to streamlined inventory management, unlocking real-time data and effortless tracking

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