Smart Retail

Ascent gives customers the ability to have visibility over inventory as it moves outside of the warehouse where traditional warehouse management systems won’t be able to track them. Our powerful solution is designed specifically for customers that sell on a consignment stock basis into department stores.

Consignment Stock Counting

Our customers in the retail space struggle with one common problem which is the inability to know how much inventory lies outside of the warehouse in their consignment stock counters. This problem causes many accounting issues for companies that operate on this business model as they don’t have access to real time information regarding sales, inventory, inventory movement and data on brand/store performance as they don’t have access to the department store’s point of sale system to reconcile against their in house warehouse management systems.

QuikCount® offers a simple solution whereby we serialise each individual piece of inventory and track it using smart mobile and web applications residing in the cloud to provide visibility for our clients. Using this solution, they are able to generate business intelligence in the form of reports that can be used for accounting, reconciliation, planning and audit purposes within their operations. Furthermore, by digitizing their operations, we are able to provide data analytics to unearth trends and new information that can be used for valuable decision making.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is able to help businesses understand how their drivers and fleet are performing in relation to good or bad driving behaviours. It is able to capture parameters such as :

  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden deceleration

The iSPOT® FMS is able to provide a driver behaviour dashboard that provides driver ranking, overview of where events were captured and provide the ability to add penalties or rewards to encourage good driving behaviour. By actively addressing these behaviours through real data, businesses can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and fuel as bad driving behaviours often lead to an increase in both.