Smart Supply Chain

Ascent is a pioneer in the space of electronic cargo tracking. We provide end to end in transit visibility for containers, tankers and vehicles on behalf of global authorities and private clients alike. When security is key, Ascent is able to deploy reliable solutions to address cargo security issues.

iSPOT® Electronic Cargo Tracking System

Our highest standards of security for cargo through a comprehensive web platform that is widely used by customs and revenue authorities worldwide

Navigating the Challenges of Modern Logistics

Combining cutting-edge technology and comprehensive functionality, iSPOT® system is a trusted solution for meeting the highest security standards for cargo. It's a robust tool designed to optimise your operations, reduce risks, and provide full visibility, all through a user-friendly web platform.

Unmatched Real-Time Visibility

Keeping a Constant Eye on Your Valuable Assets

Gain full control over your cargo, wherever it is. With our GPS-based devices, you can track containers, trucks, tankers, and other lockable conveyances in real-time. Monitor your assets via our secure web application, designed to offer you a clear, real-time view of your cargo's location and status.

Tamper and Route Deviation Alerts

 Never Miss a Beat with Instant Alerts & Updates

Protection against theft and tampering is crucial. Our system sends real-time tamper alerts whenever there's any unauthorised opening or tampering of your cargo. Plus, set up geo-corridors and receive instant alerts for any deviations from the designated routeReceive important updates through both email and our platform, ensuring you're always up to speed.

Connected, and Global

Global Reach, Uninterrupted Connection

Your cargo may cross borders, but it never loses connection. The M2M SIM ensures seamless global connectivity, keeping you connected to your cargo regardless of its location. 

Data-Driven Decision Making

 Turn Data into Powerful Operational Insights

Transform raw data into actionable insights. Our central dashboard organises and displays useful data for monitoring purposes. Extract meaningful information about high-risk tamper areas, traffic conditions, journey durations, and more, allowing you to manage your operations proactively and effectively.

Products Making it Possible

Our patented iSPOT® devices are security tracking devices featuring a variable-length stainless steel security cable and a mechanical bolt seal for enhanced security. We offer a wide range of devices, each tailored to meet different needs and requirements, ensuring your cargo is always secure.

Bridging the Gap

Ensuring secure and transparent cargo transit with ECTS, recognised by customs around the world


Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow.

Alert and data at the palm of your hands

​MarineStar Guardian

Stay secured and connected, anytime, anywhere

Always Secured

Complementing our existing Smart Supply Chain solutions, the MarineStar Guardian presents an extended layer of unbroken connectivity safeguarding your oil valves and hatches. Gain tranquillity with real-time location updates and instant tampering alerts, even in the most distant maritime regions - a harmonious expansion to your current supply chain framework.

Always Connected

Ensuring constant connectivity is paramount. iSPOT® IVM, when paired with Thuraya MarineStar, provides an intelligent solution that overcomes GSM limitations. Should GSM data become poor or unavailable, IVM intuitively switches over to satellite data. This guarantees round-the-clock visibility of your cargo, ensuring you're always in the know.

Military-grade and suitable for hazardous cargo

Live tracking and tamper alerts

Global signal connectivity on remote waters and land

A robust solution to deter pilferage, theft and adulteration. 

Preserving your shipment's revenue and your client's trust.

Thuraya MarineStar

Providing ever-reliable satellite connectivity when GSM is unavailable

iSPOT® iSensor & IVM

Our best and versatile smart telematics for cargo of different needs


Guarded. Geared. Groundbreaking.

Gain the advantage today 

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Hazardous Cargo Security

Expert Handling and Security for Sensitive Cargo

Hazardous and explosive cargo require special handling. We help clients in the defence and oil & gas sectors track and secure such cargo, providing visibility over asset location and ensuring secure locking of valves, container doors, or truck doors.

Unintended diversions of hazardous and explosive cargo, such as fuel, can result in severe repercussions. Beyond substantial financial losses due to the high value of these assets, adulterated petroleum products introduce serious dangers to end consumers. We provide a robust solution that bolsters asset visibility and security, safeguarding your cargo through secure locking and diligent tracking of valves, container doors, and truck doors.

Securing National Assets in Transit 
The diversion of military assets during transit isn't just a logistics challenge; it's a potential threat to national security. Understanding the unique workflow requirements of this sector, we offer focused solutions to secure this vital supply chain. With us, you can ensure the safe, secure transit of these critical assets.

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Empowering Transparency and Authenticity in Your Supply Chain

Ensuring Transparency and Authenticity in Your Supply Chain

From Integrity to Assurance

Maintain the integrity of your supply chain with our focused solutions. We help you lock and secure your cargo, providing real-time tracking from point to point throughout the supply chain. 

This level of visibility isn't just about security—it's about trust. By enabling real-time tracking and secured cargo, we empower you to prove the authenticity of your goods to your customers. As a result, you can confidently uphold the transparency of your supply chain, fostering trust among all stakeholders.

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Advanced - Perishables & Pharmaceutical Cargo

Delivering Precision and Care in Cold Chain Logistics
Ascent has experience in delivering solutions for cold chain logistics for both perishable and pharmaceutical cargo. These types of cargo are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity when in transit as these changes can affect the health and safety of the cargo for consumers. Given the sensitive nature of the cargo, it is important for providers of cold chain logistics to be able to monitor and report the temperature and humidity conditions throughout the journey.

Ascent has worked with specialized logistics providers to address this component of their business through the application of a range of solutions for rail and road based reefer containers, delivery trucks and temperature controlled boxes. Clients benefit from having the ability to react to temperature excursion events in real time and manage the chain of custody to prove the cold chain integrity to their stakeholders using real data.

See the products that make it happen

How it is applied in the industry

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