Smart Telematics

We reshape industries including vehicle leasing, insurance, and financing. 

Our products range from straightforward fleet management tools to sophisticated CAN Bus solutions. By balancing complexity and user-friendliness, we strive to offer our customers reliable and effective solutions for their unique transportation needs.

​iSPOT® Fleet Management System

Our flagship smart solution, allowing you to supercharge your decision-making process in fleet management
Always On The Right Track
Unleash the Power of GPS for Seamless Tracking

Leverage Ascent's advanced GPS vehicle trackers to monitor your vans, trucks, or motorcycles from any corner of the globe in real-time. Stay ahead of the game by evading traffic congestion and accidents with our integrated live traffic service, powered by Google. Enjoy a smoother, smarter journey every time.

Rewind To Fast-Forward Efficiency
Your Route to Operational Excellence with Historical Tracking

Understand your past to shape your future. With Ascent, delve into your journey's history through playback of historical events, aiding your incident investigations. Generate comprehensive historical track reports presented in intuitive map and table formats. Leverage these insights to streamline operations and steer your course towards enhanced efficiency.

Stay Alert, Stay Ahead

Receive Notifications, Only Important Ones 

Never let important events slip under your radar. Utilise Ascent's customisable notifications system to stay informed about speed violations, geofence transitions, state changes, and more. Delivered directly to your preferred platform, email, or SMS*, our timely alerts equip you to anticipate and react swiftly, keeping you a step ahead always.

•Additional charges apply

Power of Information, Unlocked

Tailored Reports for Proactive Management

Deploy our robust reporting tool to conduct audits, build custom reports, and glean important insights. Our system presents data in both graphical and tabular formats, enabling you to identify inefficiencies, reward exceptional performance, and capitalise on strategic insights.

Precise Boundaries, Precise Control

Custom Geofences for Real-Time Monitoring

Establish a multitude of geofences—polygonal, circular, or linear—at your convenience. Configure them to trigger notifications or events upon detecting changes, such as dispatching automated messages to inform customers of your ETA, or recording arrival/departure events for documentation purposes.

Connected, and Global

Global Reach, Uninterrupted Connection 

Your cargo may cross borders, but it never loses connection. The M2M SIM ensures seamless global connectivity, keeping you connected to your cargo regardless of its location. 

Products Making it Possible

The VT100 & VT130, our in-house GPS-based vehicle trackers, seamlessly blends affordability and effectiveness for those requiring straightforward tracking solutions. For advanced users seeking greater sophistication, we also offer GPS trackers equipped with additional features such as CAN Bus, driver behaviour monitoring, and expandable I/Os for added sensors.

iSPOT® FMS Products

iSPOT® FMS Use Cases

iSPOT® OEM Telematics

Start transforming your business
with data-driven actions

​Workflow Modules

Multiply Efficiency, Subtract the Complexities

Offering an uncomplicated way to take your operational and planning efficiency to the next level. No extra hardware is needed - just initiate and witness the transformation. 


Optimising Load and Road

Elevate efficiency with strategic load planning and route assignment. Ideal for fleets with multi-stop trips, this module ensures peak utilisation and enhanced delivery workflows.


In-Depth Fleet Care Management

Comprehensive toolset for fleet maintenance planning, tracking, and management. Keeps tabs on services, expenses, and document validity, providing a bird's eye view of your fleet's condition.


Stay Connected with Your Crew

Enables real-time tracking of offsite personnel via the iSPOT® Workforce mobile app. Perfect for maintaining operational visibility without infringing on privacy.

Driver Behaviour

Monitor and Mentor on the Move

Assess driver behaviour based on eco-driving parameters. A powerful tool for understanding fuel consumption patterns, promoting safer driving, and spotting areas for improvement.

​Senseflow Modules

The Bridge Between Data and Decision

Capture real-world data with additional hardware devices. Transform enhanced visibility into actionable insights and informed decisions.


Unifying Assets and Fleet Management

Discover the seamless fusion of fleet tracking and IoT capabilities with Cargo module. This all-inclusive solution allows simultaneous tracking of your fleet and assets, utilising integrated wireless sensor technology. Monitor the security, location, and environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity, of your cargo in-transit. Unlock the full potential of your GPS vehicle tracker and enrich your fleet management system.


Enhanced Visibility, Enhanced Control

Take driver monitoring to the next level with Vision module. This innovative tool provides clear, real-time visibility of both the driver's actions and the surrounding environment, thanks to meticulously installed cameras. Gain valuable insights from the captured footage and enhance your control over your fleet's operation.


Delving Deeper into Vehicle Analytics

The Monitor module offers unprecedented access to the wealth of data available from the vehicle's numerous sensors, powered by CANBus. With compatibility of over 300 sensors in a vehicle, this module ensures that valuable vehicle data is never out of your reach. Make data-driven decisions and optimise your fleet's performance.

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iSPOT® OEM Telematics

Revolutionise your fleet
with iSPOT® FMS

​ATLAS® Trailer Tracking System
A New Lens on Logistics

ATLAS® Trailer Tracking System (TTS) is a streamlined, web-based solution engineered to refine your grasp on trailer management. Offering real-time tracking, maintenance logs, current and historical location data, and anti-theft alerts, it equips you with actionable insights for informed decision-making and business optimisation.

ATLAS® TTS strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and seamless integration, harnessing the power of our Fleet Management System (FMS). Dive into intricate details of your trailers—uncover their last known location, class, capacity, prime mover pairing, and maintenance log—all on one concise platform. For depot owners, get a clear picture of the number of trailers in your depot and their ownership.

Real-time Monitoring
Out of Sight, But Never Out of Mind
With ATLAS® TTS, you can always keep an eye on your trailers. Experience the serenity that comes with real-time visibility, ensuring all your trailers are exactly where they need to be.

Enhance Fleet Productivity

Working Hard, Or Hardly Working?

Monitor the utilisation rate of each trailer over time, identifying potential issues before they escalate. Stay ahead with preventive maintenance and safeguard your operations from unexpected interruptions.

Route Optimisation 

Plot Your Course, Not Just Your Destination

By using the ATLAS® TTS platform alongside other applications such as Google Maps , fleets can optimise their routes based on traffic patterns as well as road closures.

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iSPOT® OEM Telematics

Monitor your Trailers in real time


Identifying Cost Gaps Before It's Too Late

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