Smart Telematics

Ascent is a market leader in the provision of a range of Smart Telematics solutions. Our products have been applied as solutions to the vehicle leasing, vehicle insurance and vehicle financing industries. We do this through being able to deliver simple fleet management solutions up to complex CAN Bus solutions for our customers.


The iSPOT® Fleet Management System (iSPOT® ​FMS) aims to deliver an impactful tracking experience with a feature rich platform available on both web and mobile format. Empower decision making and planning using real data to optimise your business and personal tracking needs.

Location Tracking
With Ascent’s range of GPS based vehicle trackers installed, you would be able to live track your car, truck or motorcycle anytime from anywhere in the world. Avoid traffic jams and accidents through the live traffic service integration with Google to plan ahead.

Historical Tracking
Want to know what happened on a particular trip? You can easily playback historical events to investigate incidents and generate historical track reports in both map and table format. Use these reports to drive efficiency and ensure that operations are on track.

Custom Notifications
Make sure that you don’t ever miss an event by setting up a wide range of notifications that can be based on speed violations, geofence entry/exit, change in state and more using the custom notification functionality. Get these directly on the platform, email and SMS*.

Analytics & Reporting
Run audits and checks using the powerful reporting tool available which allows you to build custom reports in graphical and tabular formats. Enable your business to address inefficiencies and reward good behaviour through interesting insights provided through analytics.

Smart Geofences
Create multiple polygonal, circle and line geofences on the fly. Set them up to trigger notifications and events when there is a change detected. Use this to trigger automatic messages to notify customers that you are on the way or record an arrival/departure event for recording purposes.

M2M Sim
Need seamless local and global connectivity? The embedded Borderless M2M connectivity will keep your GPS trackers reporting no matter where they go through our affordable one rate roaming service in 190 countries. Establish full control over your devices using your own SIM management platform to activate, deactivate and manage your pool.

The Devices
Ascent’s in house VT100 GPS based vehicle tracker is perfect to satisfy your simple tracking needs. It provides concise location tracking through its high sensitivity GPS module. This entry level device is great for those that want something affordable and effective to satisfy their basic tracking requirements. For the more advanced user, we also offer GPS based vehicle trackers that have more features such as CAN Bus, driver behaviour and expandable I/Os for additional sensors.

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How it is applied in the industry

Advanced Telematics for Transport & Logistics

The Transport & Logistics Industry will benefit from advanced telematics to maintain a competitive edge, bottom-line profitability and operational efficiency over the competitors. Transport and logistics providers must be able to deliver faster and at lower cost over their competitors to survive in this competitive landscape.

Fuel consumption is a major cost component for any transport and logistics provider and improving fuel consumption for the fleet means higher profit margin. With advanced telematics, we can capture the vehicle odometer mileage and fuel levels automatically from the vehicles. 

With the mileage and fuel data, we can easily analyse the fuel consumption for each vehicle or type of vehicles for a specific time period or broken down to each trip. Reducing fuel consumption is a tangible benefit that can be easily measured to justify digitalization. The cost savings derived from fuel consumption can be easily calculation using the reduction in fuel consumption measured in litres per 100 km by the average mileage and cost of fuel. 

Eco-driving is one of the major driving factors for improving fuel consumption. Advanced telematics can provide eco-driving parameters including excessive speeding, driving outside RPM range (high-revs), engine idling and idle fuel used, hard braking and accelerations, etc. The ability to obtain such data from the vehicle can help organizations determine the cause of high fuel consumption for the vehicle or trips and make the necessary adjustments and improvements to reduce the fuel consumption. Eco-driving can also lead to increased driver safety as well as reducing vehicle maintenance. The information gathered can also help organizations evaluate the cost benefits for switching to newer vehicles with better fuel efficiency or alternative energy source for hybrid or electric vehicles. 

Transportation Management can help to optimize load planning and effective route optimization will help to reduce fuel consumption by calculating the most efficient use of the fleet to make deliveries. Combined with live traffic to avoid congestion and better scheduling to avoid unnecessary waiting time to reduce engine idling. Effective transportation management will also lead to increased asset utilization. 

The effective use of advanced telematics data enables organizations to monitor and provide on time delivery for the right goods in the right condition to the correct customer by helping to make proactive decisions that can increase customer service level, reduce operation cost, increase driver safety, reduce fleet maintenance and increase resource utilization.

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How it is applied in the industry

Beyond Fleet Management with IoT

Any company that owns fleets that are involved with the transportation of cargo would benefit from this solution that Ascent is providing. 

Traditionally, fleets are only installed with GPS trackers that provide fleet management information such as location, speed, mileage etc. While this is useful for fleet maintenance, clients are more interested in the status of their cargo. 

Often fleet owners will need to engage multiple vendors for these solutions that cater to security monitoring, temperature & humidity monitoring and asset tracking. With Ascent, we have created a solution that provides a one stop shop for fleet owners wishing to embrace IoT into their operations to create further value for their customers. 

By utilising our ATLAS® range of IoT devices together with our fleet management products, we are able to offer real time insights into the condition of the cargo and location of loose assets inside the hold while in transit.

Temperature Sensing

Asset Tracking


GPS Tracker with BLE Reader

Our VT100 GPS vehicle tracker is located near the driver’s cabin and is connected to our BLE reader which enables it to provide in transit monitoring of all the IoT sensors that are deployed where the cargo is stored whilst on the move.  This provides real time information about important  parameters related to asset location, security and  environmental conditions.


BLE based temperature and humidity tag that can be installed inside the truck or put into temperature sensitive cargo to monitor in transit environmental conditions especially for cold chain cargo. The long battery life for up to 2 years allows users to provide real-time or semi real-time temperature and humidity tracking.


BLE based asset tags that can be put onto pallets, roller cages and any assets to be tracked to get in transit visibility of assets on the move with the truck. The ATLAS® Asset uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission which allows it to have a battery life of up to 5 years when continuously beaconing every few seconds.


BLE based electronic seal that can secure truck doors or even roller cages inside the truck. Any opening outside of the designated geozones will result in real time tampering alerts. Its compact size and long battery life of up to 2 years makes it viable for the locking of small to medium trucks, boxes and other lockable conveyances that don’t require real time security tracking.

See the products that make it happen

How it is applied in the industry

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is able to help businesses understand how their drivers and fleet are performing in relation to good or bad driving behaviours. It is able to capture parameters such as :

  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden deceleration

The iSPOT® FMS is able to provide a driver behaviour dashboard that provides driver ranking, overview of where events were captured and provide the ability to add penalties or rewards to encourage good driving behaviour. By actively addressing these behaviours through real data, businesses can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and fuel as bad driving behaviours often lead to an increase in both.