Smart Telematics

Ascent is a market leader in the provision of a range of Smart Telematics solutions. Our products have been applied as solutions to the vehicle leasing, vehicle insurance and vehicle financing industries. We do this through being able to deliver simple fleet management solutions up to complex CAN Bus solutions for our customers.

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The iSPOT® Fleet Management System (iSPOT® ​FMS) aims to deliver an impactful tracking experience with a feature rich platform available on both web and mobile format. Empower decision making and planning using real data to optimise your business and personal tracking needs.

Location Tracking

With Ascent’s range of GPS based vehicle trackers installed, you would be able to live track your car, truck or motorcycle anytime from anywhere in the world. Avoid traffic jams and accidents through the live traffic service integration with Google to plan ahead.

Historical Tracking

Want to know what happened on a particular trip? You can easily playback historical events to investigate incidents and generate historical track reports in both map and table format. Use these reports to drive efficiency and ensure that operations are on track.

Custom Notifications

Make sure that you don’t ever miss an event by setting up a wide range of notifications that can be based on speed violations, geofence entry/exit, change in state and more using the custom notification functionality. Get these directly on the platform, email and SMS*.

Analytics & Reporting

Run audits and checks using the powerful reporting tool available which allows you to build custom reports in graphical and tabular formats. Enable your business to address inefficiencies and reward good behaviour through interesting insights provided through analytics.

Smart Geofences

Create multiple polygonal, circle and line geofences on the fly. Set them up to trigger notifications and events when there is a change detected. Use this to trigger automatic messages to notify customers that you are on the way or record an arrival/departure event for recording purposes.


Need seamless local and global connectivity? The embedded Borderless M2M connectivity will keep your GPS trackers reporting no matter where they go through our affordable one rate roaming service in 190 countries. Establish full control over your devices using your own SIM management platform to activate, deactivate and manage your pool.

The Devices

Ascent’s in house VT100 GPS based vehicle tracker is perfect to satisfy your simple tracking needs. It provides concise location tracking through its high sensitivity GPS module. This entry level device is great for those that want something affordable and effective to satisfy their basic tracking requirements. For the more advanced user, we also offer GPS based vehicle trackers that have more features such as CAN Bus, driver behaviour and expandable I/Os for additional sensors.

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Workflow Modules

Workflow modules are software add-ons that allow you to enhance your operations and planning efficiency. Easy to kickstart with no additional hardware required.


The Logistics module enables fleet operators to engage in effective load planning and route assignment. Drivers could be required to make multiple stops throughout a trip and it is important for fleet operators to be equipped with the ability to plan effectively to ensure that their fleet is being utilised in the most efficient manner. This module is especially useful for those managing fleets that have to make multiple drop-offs/pick-ups during a single trip such as last mile delivery companies.


The Maintenance module enables fleet operators to plan, take control of and manage their fleet maintenance. With a number of vehicles to manage, it can be challenging to keep track of the upcoming, in-progress and completed services, the cost and the validity of driver’s permits and documents. The Maintenance module allows fleet operators to manage services and expenditures for individual spare parts and vehicles. With all maintenance related information recorded on the platform, users are given a bird eye view which allows them to efficiently plan, control and manage vehicle maintenance.


The Workforce Module enables real-time tracking of offsite personnel such as drivers and delivery staff. This module does not require additional hardware purchases to get started. Users can simply download the iSPOT® Workforce mobile app onto an existing smart phone and control when to turn on tracking so that their privacy is maintained when not on duty. When they start work, they can open the app and turn on tracking to allow location data to be sent to the iSPOT® FMS web platform where HQ can track their progress.

Driver Behaviour

The Driver Behaviour module enables fleet operators to track the driving behaviour of their drivers. This module allows users to monitor the driving behaviour of their drivers based on eco-driving parameters. The data obtained on driving behaviour can help organizations determine the cause of high fuel consumption for the vehicle or trips and promote safer driving behaviour. The Driver Behaviour module is useful for companies that would like to have visibility on how their vehicles are being driven in order to identify areas for improvement.

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Senseflow Modules

Senseflow modules help to capture data from the physical world by tapping on additional hardware devices. Obtain valuable insights from the enhanced visibility.


The cargo module offers clients an all in one solution for fleet tracking and their IoT needs to track assets, security and environmental conditions of the cargo in transit. Track your fleet and assets at the same time using integrated wireless sensor technology to monitor in transit security, location of assets (pallets, roller cages etc.) and also temperature & humidity for cold chain cargo all in one platform. Enable your GPS vehicle tracker to do more for you and get the most out of your fleet management system.


The Vision module enables fleet operators to monitor their drivers and have a clear visibility of happenings in and out of the vehicle. The vehicle’s surroundings are captured with installed cameras that provides users with a real life
view of happenings.


The Monitor module supports the extraction of rich data from the sensors available in the vehicle through the use of a CANBus adaptor. There are over 300 sensors within a vehicle and this module allows users to have access to the data, provided that it is supported by the vehicle make and model.

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ATLAS® Trailer Tracking System

ATLAS TTS is a web-based platform that provides real-time trailer visibility, maintenance log, real-time & historical location and movement data, alerts on possible theft and more. The real data collected helps management in their decision making and planning to optimize their capacity and business tracking needs.

ATLAS TTS is a cost-effective and interoperable solution that combines the power of our FMS. Fleet operators will be able to tell the last known location of the trailers, trailer class and capacity, pairing with which prime mover and maintenance log in a single platform. On the other hand, depot owners will know the number of trailers in their depot and how many of which belongs to them.

Real-time Monitoring

The ATLAS TTS allows you to see where your trailers are at all times. This gives you peace of mind knowing that all of your trailers are accounted for and where they need to be.

Improve Driver Safety

With ATLAS TTS, drivers can better plan their routes by knowing what is coming up on their next route so they can prepare themselves for it ahead of time. This helps them avoid accidents, which will save lives and money for both drivers and companies alike.

Enhance Fleet Productivity

The ATLAS TTS allows users to track the utilization rate of each trailer within their fleet over time, which helps them determine if there are any issues with a specific trailer or if it needs maintenance before something goes wrong with it down the line.

Route Optimization

By using the ATLAS TTS platform alongside other applications such as Google Maps , fleets can optimize their routes based on traffic patterns as well as road closures.

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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver Behaviour is able to help businesses understand how their drivers and fleet are performing in relation to good or bad driving behaviours. It is able to capture parameters such as :

  • Harsh cornering
  • Harsh braking
  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden deceleration

The iSPOT® FMS is able to provide a driver behaviour dashboard that provides driver ranking, overview of where events were captured and provide the ability to add penalties or rewards to encourage good driving behaviour. By actively addressing these behaviours through real data, businesses can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and fuel as bad driving behaviours often lead to an increase in both.