Use Cases

Understand how Ascent has worked with our global community to deliver high quality solutions that solve complex operational and mission critical requirements for both our public and private sector clients in over 23 countries. Our diverse experience cuts across numerous industries such as customs compliance, perishables, pharmaceuticals, airport, retail and oil & gas.

iSPOT® Electronic Cargo Tracking System

With iSPOT ®, Ascent has provided our global clients with end-to-end solutions that aims to optimise security and streamline operational processes.

FMS for Vehicle Leasing

The rising gig economy in Singapore has led to the expansion of many private hire industries. As a result of this expansion, it has led car leasing companies to thrive in their businesses.

QuikCount for Consignment Stock Tracking

Retailers in the department stores are faced with many common challenges. For instance, if they have a warehouse management system (WMS), retailers cannot track or trace goods that exit their warehouse and hence, they lose visibility of these goods. 

iSPOT® for Tanker Tracking

With Ascent’s iSPOT®, we have provided the perfect solution for government clients in the oil and gas industry to deal with the challenges faced. Our iSPOT® for tanker tracking solution aims to uphold safety and security of tankers as well as to overcome the many operational challenges faced in this industry. 

FMS & IoT for Retailers

Ascent provides an all in one digital solution incorporating both the fleet management system (FMS) and IoT to address common issues faced by retailers and supermarkets. 

Asset Tracking for Pallet Dollies

Pallet dollies and ULDs are towed by tractors and are considered heavy non-motorised assets which are not powered by battery. Given that they are non-powered, it makes it challenging for airport staff to track these assets.

Temperature & Humidity Tracking for Pharmaceuticals

Ascent has collaborated with many industries such as the pharmaceutical industries by providing them with high quality solutions. Read on to find out more.

Lift Monitoring for Housing Authority

As the world population increases, it has led to the urbanisation of cities such that there is a need to optimise our space to accommodate for more people. This has changed the construct of buildings from low rise to tall residential and business buildings. As such, it has led to the increasing use of elevators and lifts to service these tall buildings in urban cities.

E-Gate For Airport

Traditionally, the immigration process is tedious and time consuming but as technology advances, it has increased opportunities for the immigration process to be digitalised.