Why is managing your fleet maintenance important?

Imagine that you are a fleet manager with 100 vehicles to manage. Will you be able to effectively plan and control all the different services that each vehicle requires?

With the sheer number of vehicles that a fleet manager is responsible for, keeping track of all the services that each vehicle has to undergo is definitely a challenging task. A vehicle is naturally subjected to wear and tear from usage and will need to undergo regular maintenance to ensure that it is kept in good condition and is able to function properly. A fleet maintenance platform helps fleet managers effectively plan, manage and control their fleet maintenance.

Keep track of your upcoming services

A fleet maintenance platform allows you to keep track of your planned services so that you will never miss them. By having your upcoming services recorded in the platform, users can keep track of their upcoming services as well as know when a certain vehicle will not be able to be deployed. Fleet managers can then plan their fleet schedule and workload to accommodate the vehicles that will not be available. 

The ability to keep track of the completed, ongoing and upcoming services will help you to ensure that your fleet will be kept in good condition which in turn increases the lifespan of your fleet. With a longer lifespan, vehicles will not need to be replaced too frequently thus allowing fleet owners to reduce the amount of money they have to spend on the purchase of new vehicles.

Regulatory Compliance and Driver’s Safety

In Singapore, vehicle owners are required to send their vehicles for periodic inspections. The frequency of the inspection is dependent on the type and age of the vehicle. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that vehicle owners are maintaining their vehicles regularly to meet roadworthiness standards. Sending your vehicle for regular servicing will help to increase the chances of your vehicle passing the inspection. 

Regular maintenance of your vehicles can also help to ensure that your vehicles are kept in good condition and minimises the chances of mechanical failure. Ensuring that your vehicles undergo regular servicing makes it safer not only for your drivers but other road users as well. Poorly maintained vehicles on the road are dangerous as they pose a hazard to other road users and increase the chances of accidents occurring.

Manage and control your spending

Having a fleet maintenance platform will also help you to keep an eye on your spending by enabling you to record and keep track of your maintenance-related expenditures. Fleet managers will be able to know how much they are spending on each vehicle and find ways to cut down on spending. They could also identify which vehicles they are spending more on for repairs.

Reduce breakdowns and downtimes

The proper maintenance of fleet vehicles will reduce the occurrence of serious breakdowns which leads to longer downtime as the vehicle spends a longer period of time in the service workshop. Each day a vehicle spends in the workshop, it is unable to be utilised for the company’s operations which means it fails to earn any revenue for the day. Additionally, more will have to be spent on the repair works should a vehicle experience a serious breakdown.

When a fleet manager is able to keep track and ensure that vehicles are sent to be serviced at the right time, the possibility of a serious breakdown that will render a vehicle unfit for use for an extended period of time is lowered. Through the reduction of breakdowns and downtime, the fleet utilisation rate can be kept high.

Ensuring that your fleet stays in tip-top condition is crucial to your fleet operations. Contact us to find out how our iSPOT® FMS Maintenance module can help fleet managers to plan, take control of and manage their fleet maintenance.

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